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While we’re at it….

Mickey & Maj will be hitting comic stores in January, 2020, along with being available at Amazon, Comixology and other various digital platforms. Please feel free to explore my past posts, which feature many of the many selfies Mickey and/or Maj has taken throughout their adventures…. or head over to amazon, where they’re *all* collected in both digital and print form HERE.


Meeting Quee-Quoogle

This scene captures the moment when Maj takes 14 year old Mickey back in time to meet The Vegetable-Mesmerist for the first time.  After the untimely demise of his Carpet and best friend F’il, Quee carved out a relaxing and often amusing existence in a traveling carnival. Basically, hiding in plain sight, with all the crowds thinking his abilities were simply impressive tricks.

Quee-quoogle 2 final